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Welcome to Hartbeeps Baby Signing Hub

Multi-award winning immersive sensory classes, in-house sessions, parties and more for the little folk and their grown-ups too! Inspired by curiosity, backed by research and sprinkled with magic since 2003.

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Babies are born communicators and whilst spoken words come a little later on, your little sound explorer is busy taking in the sounds and sights all around. Gestures form part of babies growing communication tool kit as their gross and fine motor skills develop earlier than their speech. 

Babies also have a penchant for larger than life facial expressions, sing-song style spoken words and expressive body language, they just get it! It's like we are speaking their language, which in fact we are. And so putting together gestures and words that both relate and appeal to your baby, really does make good sense.

Grown-up’s, you have the power in your hands. Just follow the link below and for £9.99 you will be able to enjoy over 250 baby signs, along with some of our tunes with baby signing. Delivered in full colour and set to our unique backing tracks, making learning baby signs super fun for all the family.

Top tips for super baby signing fun!

  • Begin with two or three signs for the first few weeks, choosing signs that are an important part of baby’s day such as MILK, CHANGE, MORE.

  • When you sign always say the word it stands for.

  • Keep going... babies learn through repetition, so if for example you are asking baby 'are you hungry', remember to make the sign for "eat" several times.

  • When making the sign for an object such as a ball, point to the ball, say ‘ball’, sign ball and repeat the process at least twice.

  • Why not encourage baby's family to sign also?

  • And most of all make it fun.

Hartbeeps baby signing system has been developed to offer babies and their families and carers an extension to their communication tool kit. Structured gestures known as baby signs have been inspired by British Sign Language (BSL), along with a handful of unique and special signs just for Hartbeeps.

You will find a selection of favourite signs to suit baby and you, there is no expectation to learn all the signs, choose your own favourites.


Baby Sign with Hartbeeps


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